Pay TV in France: Counter-Intuitive, Unexpected, Amazing

A quote from the French business paper Les Echos:

“Caught in the grips of a profound economic crisis and an unprecedented rise in the availability of free content, pay TV should by all rights have had a disastrous year in 2009. Far from it. With very few exceptions all of the operators of satellite programs or pay TV channels continue to chalk up huge profits. Households pinch their pennies when an economic crisis hits, but television is not one of the first things to be sacrificed. Once you’ve cut down on the visits to restaurants or the cinema, the TV becomes all the more important.”


4 responses to “Pay TV in France: Counter-Intuitive, Unexpected, Amazing

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. People will pay for what they want to watch. If we didn’t have the channels all bundled together here, people would just pay for what they wanted to watch. That could put me out of work at my regular job at the CBC. Luckily I’ve started to do radio.

    • Yes, yes, yes – but the French used to prefer their cafés and restaurants to all other forms of enrtertainment. THAT I found so astounding.

      You’re very good on radio. Thanks to you the senior medium will soon have a come-back.

  2. It’s the same in Canada. Cable tv offerings are making money. Broadcasters are not as eyeballs migrate to the web and to specialty channels. There’s actually a word for it according to the mass comm profs: it’s called disintermediation and it indicates the end of mass media.

    • In my day the nice little word disintermediation had not yet been coined, but my department at York changed its name from Mass Communications to Communications.