Who Said Most Muslims Are Afraid of Dogs?

A lot of people said it, and it would not be surprising if was true. But clearly, as with all generalizations, one has to be careful. For example, one should hesitate to agree with those who maintain that the Americans made life unnecessarily difficult for themselves when they sent men to subdue Iraq. They should have sent dogs. Iraqis would have run away, they say, and the place would have been the Americans’ in no time.

That seems to be going a little too far.

The question is why most Muslims do seem to be afraid of dogs and dislike them intensely. Mohammed himself apparently thought highly of dogs and even prayed in their presence. But others around him decided dogs were unclean and turned against them. In the case of certain other animals – sheep, cows, horses – their uncleanness was apparently outweighed by their usefulness.

Afghans are a special case. Afghan Hounds are a special breed among dog lovers. In 2005, the Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk announced that his researchers had successfully cloned an Afghan Hound and named him Snuppy. He was the first cloned dog in history.

But let no one believe that this alone will turn Muslims around.


3 responses to “Who Said Most Muslims Are Afraid of Dogs?

  1. “…the Koran scientist Hwang Woo-Suk…” is a splendid Freudian(?) typo in an article ostensibly about Muslim attitudes; bravo! Brings to mind a caption noted recently under a photo of Maureen Dowd (NYTimes OpEd columnist): Courgeous Woman. Apparently a conflation of courageous and gorgeous. [The typo has been fixed.]

  2. Appearances notwithstanding I am not perfect.


  3. You fix my typos! You _are_ perfect!!