The Pleasures of Gloating: Switzerland a Triumph of Virtue

On May 12, Roger Köppel, the publisher of the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche, compared Switzerland’s performance in the current economic crisis with that of the rest of Europe.

“Despite its shortcomings,” he wrote, “Switzerland remains solid as a rock. Our state still retains a sense of proportion and reality. Quixotic euro utopias don’t stand a chance by contrast. In direct democracy people remain attentive, frugal and critical. It could be that the weakness of the euro will harm our ability to export on the short term. Nevertheless the strong Swiss frank is ultimately an expression of trust in Switzerland’s stability and efficiency.

“Our country will become increasingly attractive. We must ready ourselves for an even greater influx of people and companies. At the same time, political pressure is growing. As a rich country with much to offer, we will inevitably be targeted by the statist dispossessors of the Eurozone. Our liberal, constitutional, democratic Switzerland is a provocation for the artificial community of the EU. As long as we have the strength to defend what we have, Switzerland will remain the European country with the brightest prospects.”


8 responses to “The Pleasures of Gloating: Switzerland a Triumph of Virtue

  1. Robert Koch

    Maybe it’s the mountains. They are higher than anywhere else, except for Central Asia.

  2. Maybe it’s their federal system. Maybe it’s the chocolate (not that they grow any). Maybe it’s the arrogance…

    • I was going to add a postscript: “Does this remind you a little of Harper’s Canada?” but I thought the better of it. I decideed to leave vulgar cheap shots to my fellow bloggers.

  3. Well, I don’t think anyone has been vulgar, yet. But we did have some discussion on this blog about how “people remain[ing] attentive, frugal and critical” in their “direct democracy” led to a ban on minarets. That kind of thing is probably a small price to pay for a stable currency – though is it on a direct path to “at least the trains run on time”?

  4. Fred Langan

    Some Swiss deposits pay negative interest rates. They charge you to hold your money. This happened once before.