Seven Eligible Royal Princes

While today, on Canada Day, our eyes are fixed on the Queen in Ottawa let us not forget that her grandson, William, is at this very moment visiting the United States, a country, guilt-ridden for what it had done to George III, which is congenitally dazzled by royalty. Although Prince William is “in a relationship” with Kate Middleton who, it is said, may soon become his fiancé, many young American ladies hope that one day their prince will come and that it will be he. Or:

Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden

An avid swimmer, skier, and soccer player, Prince Carl-Philip is second in line to the Swedish throne after his sister, Viktoria, who just married her former personal trainer. Or:

Princes Amedeo and Joachim of Belgium

Prince Amedeo spends most of his time in New York. After being educated at a British military academy and the London School of Economics, he works for Deloitte. His younger brother, Joachim, is the first female-line member of the royal family to be born a prince of Belgium, with succession rights to the throne. Or:

Prince Felix of Luxembourg

A prince of the world’s last remaining Grand Duchy, he stands to inherit Europe’s second-largest royal fortune. He plans to attend graduate school in Rome where he will work towards a master’s in bioethics. Or:

Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein

He has made the list. His personal life has been anything but personal. At this time he is attached to the Victoria’s Secret’s Supermodel Adriana Lima. Or:

Prince Badr Jafar of Dubai

As executive director of Crescent Petroleum Group, he throws lavish parties on the French Riviera. At this stage he is romantically linked to Petra Nemcova.

Too bad that even in the United States one can only marry one prince at a time.

Source: The Daily Beast, June 29.


2 responses to “Seven Eligible Royal Princes

  1. Robert Koch

    Is Joachim Prince of Belgium female ? Is he or his older brother heir to the Belgian throne ? These are the things I am worrying about.

    • Prince Joachim is ninth in the succession.

      He is the grandson of the royal couple via their daughter, Astrid. Hence the “female line”.

      To be more specific, he is:

      Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, Prince of Modena.

      He is the third child of HI&RH Prince Lorenz, Archduke of Austria-Este and HI&RH Princess Astrid of Belgium.