Gadaffi’s Lesson on Elegance and Sensuality

After hearing about the church in Florida that intends to burn the Koran on September 11, what a relief it is to read this cheerful little news item.

The Libyan head of state, Muammar al-Gaddafi, making an official visit to Italy, has said he wants to convert Europe to Islam. But the 500 candidates for conversion chosen by a modeling agency show this has little to do with religious convictions, writes Gad Lerner in his blog, del Bastardo.

“No good Muslim can take Gaddafi seriously with his appeal to Europe to convert to Islam. If the supreme leader of the Jamahiriya were indeed driven by the desire to convert he would have surrounded himself with a mixed public rather than specifically requesting a hostess agency to supply pretty young girls, sexy, but not too much so, in line with Maghreb tastes.

“His real intention was to show that elegance and sensuality can be bought…. Faced with the spectacle of these pitiful gatherings of young Italian girls – which Gaddafi would never dream of calling to Islamic prayer in a temple – Silvio Berlusconi has felt compelled to talk of ‘folklore’ not only out of diplomatic embarrassment.”

Repubblica, August 31


3 responses to “Gadaffi’s Lesson on Elegance and Sensuality

  1. Poor politics, worse theology but great theatre!

  2. Why are there so many stupid people around. That Florida pastor who wants to burn the Quran is unbelievably stupid and a trouble maker to boot. The Muslims who want to build a center near ground zero are not quite as stupid, but they should have anticipated the outcry.

    • It’s hard for us to believe that most people in the world – even if they don’t have enough to eat – take religion seriously.