The Charms of the New British Skyscrapers

From the London Times, January 4

Traditionalists bemoan the new towers that twist, spire and taper to the sky. Such an upward surge, they argue, better befits the spirit of New York, Chicago or Shanghai.

They are wrong. London’s new architecture has come a long way since the monolithic monotony of Centre Point. Buildings today are light, witty, elegant and varied. And the public, in a very British way, has taken the best to its heart, giving them nicknames that half mock and half celebrate their weirdness and originality.

Architects may huff and puff, hankering to be immortalized in the nomenclature. Better, by far, for their buildings to be remembered with affection than by their owner’s name or a bald street number.


2 responses to “The Charms of the New British Skyscrapers

  1. Prince Charles is the worst thing to happen to British architecture. He would like to turn the whole place into a theme park. His ex-wife went to a gym in a modern building by the Thames.