Union of British Underground Drivers versus William and Kate

The London tube drivers have threatened to strike for higher pay in London on April 29, the day when Prince William will marry Kate Middleton.

On January 11, the tabloid The Sun did not take well to the idea.

“It takes a special sort of callousness and cynicism to try to ruin William and Kate’s Royal Wedding Day. Beneath what slimy stone do the worms who run train union Aslef lurk? Why can’t they slither back under it and let the rest of us enjoy the great day in peace? Aslef Tube drivers (average pay £45,000 a year) threaten to halt London on April 29 just as a million Royal fans gather.…

“It is blackmail. The greedy drivers ruined Boxing Day for passengers by striking for more money. Tube bosses must not surrender. Instead they should see whether they can sack Aslef drivers. There must be thousands of skilled unemployed who would love such a well-paid job.”


2 responses to “Union of British Underground Drivers versus William and Kate

  1. Let them strike. People can walk or bicycle to the wedding. Northing’s that far away in central London. You can’t blame the tube guys for playing the wedding card; who wouldn’t?

  2. May I welcome you to the ranks of working men.