Revolution Spreads to the United States

Would it not be refreshing if tomorrow you read the following news story?

Wall Street Paralyzed!

This morning, none of the elevators in New York’s financial district worked.

Students at the front doors of all office buildings distributed leaflets explaining that, with the help of unnamed elevator company personnel and sympathetic security guards, a select consortium of patriotic graduate students in the law and political faculties of Harvard, Yale and Cornell stopped all elevators in the financial district. Assurances have been demanded from leading banks and investment houses that contributions made by private corporations to political parties campaigning in the 2012 presidential election will no longer be processed.

If these assurances contravene existing contracts, the contracts should be considered invalid because they are contrary to the public interest. The elevators of all judicial buildings in which courts disagree with this view will be made inoperable as well.

This is the first step in purging American politics of rampant corruption.


10 responses to “Revolution Spreads to the United States

  1. It would indeed be refreshing – as long as it appeared with a US byline in a US paper. Unfortunately, the great democracy to the south considers corporations, as legal persons, part of the demos – with influence commensurate with their resources (even if they don’t have the vote … yet). I would be reassured if there was significant evidence that the Supreme Court was out of step with the voting public. However, the Senate’s consent (to the appointment of individual justices) makes the damage irreparable. (Remember, an honest politician is one who when s/he’s bought, stays bought.)

  2. How can the masses rise up without an elevator? OR Let them take the stairs.

  3. American business is more than just Wall Street. It would take more than law students and a rougue Otis elevator company to change things.
    In the second and third generation, rich people fund everything from PBS to environmental action groups.
    Didn’t Marx always wonder why there wasn’t a revolution in Brtiain? Now Iran predicts it’s coming to America. Not.

  4. They don’t know how to find them. At least, they haven’t found me yet. I live in hope.