The Borgias: Something to Look Foward to

The condottiere on horseback at the top of this post – reproduced here every weekday to give the blog class and authority – is not a Borgia. It is Bartolomeo Colleoni (1400–1475), who was an entirely honourable mercenary leader. (His equestrian status on the Piazza San Marco in Venice was created by Verocchio.)

He should not be confused with Rodrigo Borgia who, according to Mario Puzo, quoted by Charles McGrath in The New York Times on March 27, is a Corleone of the Renaissance. Borgia became Pope Alexander VI and, played by Jeremy Irons, will be seen as the ultimate godfather. The nine-part miniseries opens on Showtime in the U.S.  and on Bravo in Canada this Sunday, April 3, and will be seen  later on CTV. It is a Canadian-Irish-Hungarian co-production.

“The Borgias,” Charles McGrath writes, “were rich, ruthless, scheming and so sexually voracious that, if you believe the rumours, they slept with everybody, including one another.”

The producers count on audiences – not only in Canada, Ireland and Hungary – to identify with them.

The readers of this blog certainly will.


4 responses to “The Borgias: Something to Look Foward to

  1. Madeline, DO something about him!

  2. Fred Langan

    When I was young I was an altar boy and later in high school I was shocked when a a Jesuit in class mentioned “The Pope’s son…”. It was the Borgia Pope of course. Can’t wait to watch the series.

    • I hope you were not shocked last night. I could not see it because the Bell satellite was down.