Regulator Bans Chinese Version of American Idol

Yesterday, both the BBC and Hollywood’s Variety reported that the enormously popular “Idol”-style series, Super Girl, was yanked by Chinese regulators for running beyond its allotted time. It broke a cap on broadcasting time imposed by authorities to discourage young viewers from spending too much time watching it.

The broadcaster, Hunan Satellite Television, will not be allowed to screen “TV talent shows with mass participation” next year, the channel’s spokesman Li Hao told local media.

“Instead, the channel will air programs that promote moral ethics, public safety and provide practical information for housework,” Li said.

Super Girl peaked in the 2004–05 season, when more than 400 million people watched the finale and the winner, Li Yuchun, became a national celebrity.

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The subtext of this news item is:

A. The Chinese are primitive.


B. The Chinese are admirable.


C. The Decline of the East has begun.


3 responses to “Regulator Bans Chinese Version of American Idol

  1. How do we get all such crap banned here too?

  2. How about “admirable but naive”?

  3. The more things change…