Immigrants Emigrate — The Effect of Emigration on Rumania

According to the most recent census, Rumania has lost more than a tenth of its population in the past ten years. The shrinkage is due not only to the declining birthrate but also to massive emigration, writes the daily Adevărul (February 6):

“Those who emigrated have nevertheless been present the whole time, because they’ve sent back huge sums of money. With these funds millions of Rumanians have been able to escape abject poverty, and a whole generation of children has been able to go to school under reasonable conditions. And in many villages, flush toilets were installed for the first time – a huge improvement.…

“But we shouldn’t cede to the illusion that many of these emigrants will come back home to stimulate the economy. Because they’ve settled down elsewhere, not just because of the salaries but also because of the schools for their children, the hospitals and streets – everything that is important for a good life, that is.…

“The fact is that Rumania is simply not a pleasant place to live right now. It’s up to us to make it one.”


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