Darwin and the Invention of Love

By now most of us know that we are the product of evolution, both in our physical and non-physical beings. The fittest of our characteristics have survived. It is evident that – for example – the human eye is more sophisticated than a dog’s eye and so, presumably, are our dreams.

What about the way we procreate? No doubt zoologists can demonstrate with the greatest ease how the mechanics of human reproduction evolved from that of our predecessors. But which academic discipline has studied the invention of EROS?

Is that also the result of evolution? What an amazing invention – to connect the biology of human reproduction with the romantic idea of beauty, pleasure and poetry, and everything that makes life worth living! How did that come about? What a jump from the vulgar primates!

Who has studied it?


2 responses to “Darwin and the Invention of Love

  1. If, as described, EROS is an “invention” is it not more likely that its origin is environmental rather than biological? It would not surprise me if some would say that it is a product of intelligent design.

  2. I don’t think it’s true that a human eye is a ‘higher’ or ‘better’ product of evolution than a dog’s eye. They are both fit for their purpose, more or less by definition – ditto a hawk’s eye (not great for reading, great for seeing mice from the top of a tree) or a fly’s eye (presumably).

    The book “The Red Queen” had many fascinating things to say about the evolution of social norms to promote procreation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Queen:_Sex_and_the_Evolution_of_Human_Nature.