An Eco-ethical Fossil Fuel: Compressed Natural Gas

Neil Reynolds wrote in The Globe and Mail on March 27:

“The Honda GX runs on compressed natural gas, the only alternative fuel so cheap that it doesn’t need government subsidies. Now sold in 197 dealerships in 36 states, it’s an assembly-line family car, the first mass-produced CNG vehicle. [It’s not yet available in Canada.] It lists at $26,000 (U.S.) and gets good mileage: 30 miles per (U.S.) gallon in city driving, 42 miles per gallon in highway driving. The price of CNG ‘at the pump’ runs $2.50 a gallon – the same price, ironically, that Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich has set as a long-term American goal for regular gasoline.

“Honda says the GX gets 240 miles per fuelling, twice the distance typically delivered by an all-electric car.”

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Elderly observers remember that in the early sixties Algeria developed exactly the same compressed gas technology. Evidently, the world had to wait half a century for it to make history.


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