The U.S. Supreme Court May Be Out of Step

“What has happened is that Americans have become more politically progressive. We haven’t noticed, because the U.S. electoral system doesn’t reflect the changing views of the population. But there has been a steady shift over the past 50 years, accelerating during the past decade, toward racial and sexual tolerance, acceptance of equal roles for women, religious minorities and immigrants, and support for social liberalism.” — “The Progressive Truth About America,” Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail, March 31

“As Posner and Landes note, numerous studies, including their own, make the unassailable point that justices appointed by Republican presidents vote preponderantly as conservatives, and those appointed by Democratic presidents vote preponderantly as liberals. The well-known exceptions to that rule (David Souter, Byron White) are just that – exceptions that prove the rule.” — “Why Liberals Misunderstand the Supreme Court,” Rich Yeselson, Salon, March 29


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