Teaching Greeks to Pay Taxes

160 people have volunteered to form part of the special task force [organized by the EU Commission and the IMF] that will be parachuted into Athens to teach the Greeks how to pay their taxes.…

Most Greeks have never paid taxes in their life and are understandably scared at the prospect. Many believed that the sums named in the letters from the tax authorities referred to money they would receive from the state. So, for a transition period of two years the taxes are to be declared as bribes, since the Greeks are more accustomed to paying those.…

The German tax operation has an ambitious goal: each Greek will be assigned his or her own personal German tax officer, who is to be welcomed into the family, clothed and fed. But then the Greeks are allowed to deduct them from their income tax as an extraordinary expense.”

Source Die Welt Am Sonntag, February 26


5 responses to “Teaching Greeks to Pay Taxes

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    I love this article. If I hear one more person say that Greece has a spending problem I scream. Greece has a tax collecting problem. Just think what Canada could do if the government would still have the 220 billion it cut in taxes. We could keep our food inspectors, reduce education costs and support the CBC. Wouldn’t this be nice!

  2. What this article in Onion? Adopt a German Tax official? Our deductions from source tax system is one of Canada most important unheralded exports. Many countries that have contracted Revenue Canada in past might trace their overall stabilility to that Canadian Export. I had the great personal satisfaction of standing up in (obscure committees/Conferences) of great international fora (that will remain nameless) and utter the line. “I am pleased to announce/confirm that Canada will be providing x country with the following assistance from our Revenue Canada agency blah blah… and I will personally top us this contribution if all parties agree that one-way tickets are to be provided for the Canadian tax personnel”.
    Who says humour can not cross cultures!
    Mike Sky
    South Porcupine Ontario

  3. David Schatzky

    A Greek Modest Proposal. But no babies will be harmed.

  4. Horace Krever

    Isn’t it a little late for an April Fool’s joke?

  5. Vasileios Ladas

    Greeks pay the highest taxes among OECD countries. And most of those taxes are not legal.