Swedes are Leading the Way. Canada Should Follow.

Sweden is the home of Europe’s most expansive social welfare programs. Often referred to as the “home of the people,” the nation’s Social Democrat government retains core free market ideals yet operates the world’s most progressive welfare state. Swedish citizens, among the most heavily taxed in the world, are provided educational, healthcare, elder care and economic security programs.

Whenever Swedes have a love or relationship problem, the state dispatches, if requested in the proper form, one or two opera singers to perform excerpts from the classical repertoire to alleviate the symptoms, if not the cause, of the problem, free of charge. In cases of actual or threatened adultery, for example, they sing La donna e mobile.

We hope that as a result of this blog posting, public pressure will persuade Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, to use his majority in parliament to follow the Swedish example.


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  1. Lewis Auerbach

    Wouldn’t that be nice!