Japan: A Land Without Guns

In 2008, the U.S. had more than 12 thousand firearm-related homicides. All of Japan experienced only 11, fewer than were killed at the Aurora shooting alone. And that was a big year: 2006 saw an astounding two, and when that number jumped to 22 in 2007, it became a national scandal. By comparison, also in 2008, 587 Americans were killed just by guns that had discharged accidentally.

Almost no one in Japan owns a gun. Most kinds are illegal, with onerous restrictions on buying and maintaining the few that are allowed. Even the country’s infamous, mafia-like Yakuza tend to forgo guns; the few exceptions tend to become big national news stories.

Source: Atlantic Online, July 27

In Canada, the latest StatsCan statistics tell us that there were 190 homicides committed with a firearm in 2006, accounting for 31% of the total number of homicides. The rate of 0.6 victims per 100,000 population was 16% lower than in 2005 and the same as the previous 10-year average.


4 responses to “Japan: A Land Without Guns

  1. Michael Gundy

    There is no reason for private handguns PERIOD let alone assault weapons.

    • True. I wish General Macarthur had included the Americans in his pacifist teachings after the war.

  2. Horace Krever

    It would be interesting to know whether Japan manufactures guns and, if so, whether the made-in Japan guns are exported to the US.

  3. I agree. There us no need for private handguns. Politically, this is not an acceptable position.