Spectacular Media Manipulation in Tehran: Substituting One Nation for Another

Egypt’s President Morsi and the President of Iran, Ahmadinejad.

Last week, delegates of 120 nations gathered for the sixteenth summit of Non-Aligned Nations in Tehran.

The newly elected Egyptian, President Mohamed Morsi, delivered a scathing attack on the host-nation’s ally, President Bashir al-Assad of Syria, calling for him to step down and asking for support for the rebels. The Syrian delegation left the hall, furious.

The speech was carried live. However, according to a Saudi news agency, in the transmission available to the Iranian public, Bahrain was substituted for Syria.

The government of Bahrain protested immediately, on the grounds of falsification and deceit.

Even some Iranian publications commented on the manipulation, on the grounds of “crude propaganda.” The paper Ebteka wrote: “Is it politically, morally or legally permissible to translate the speech of a president in accordance to whatever seems suitable? That puts into question the credibility of our media and overshadows the success of the summit.”

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, September 3


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