The Situation Is Hopeless…

That appeared to be entirely true to reasonable people. Take any time and place at random —

In Portugal in 1349 – the Black Death plus the Inquisition.

In Peru in 1594 – atrocities committed by Spanish invaders.

In Croatia in 1647 – reign of terror by Hungarian fanatics plus the rising Ottoman menace.

In Timbuktu in 1704 – flooding by the Niger river, earthquakes and marauding tribes.

In Siam in 1766 – drought and inflation.

In Brody, Galicia (Austria) in 1821 – invading Cossacks kill 67 Jews during a progrom.

In Ireland in 1846 – devastating famine, widely believed to be caused by the English.

In Prague in 1913 – astrologer predicts world war.

In Berlin in 1925 – the Germans elected a monarchist president of the republic.

In Yemen in 1979 – Christian minister arrested for reciting the Sermon of the Mount.

In Ottawa in 2012 – Rob Ford elected leader of the Liberal Party.

Still, while we live, we hope.


3 responses to “The Situation Is Hopeless…

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    I was just recently remembering a conversation we had in the mid 60th, when we confidently felt that the world had matured to the point that wars and economic ups and down were a thing of the past. What were we thinking?

  2. Another Canadian-related event could be included. The Nation, Vol. 110, No. 2844 (January 3, 1920) reported that, arising out of the Winnipeg General Strike, a Christian minister, later Leader of the CCF, J. S. Woodsworth, was indicted for conspiracy and seditious utterance. Count 4 of the indictment charged him with seditious libel for reciting passages from Isaiah. (If I could type I would set out the entire count.)

  3. Regarding Rob Ford and the Liberals, Ronald Reagan was elected President although Bonzo never became the VP.