Nuclear Iran: A View Rarely Heard on This Continent

On September 26, the Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote:

“Iran will get the bomb. And under certain circumstances this scenario would in fact be less menacing for the international community than feared. The American author Kenneth Waltz argues that the Iranian nuclear bomb would create a balance of power and hence stability in the region. The nuclear power Israel would be confronted with a nuclear opponent, neutralising the structural disbalance in the region. Consequently, Iran would become more defensive….

“Clearly, sanctions won’t dissuade Iran from its nuclear programme. Through cunning tricks, the regime in Tehran now has the advantage. The upshot: in the medium term the international community of states must accept the idea of an Iran armed with a nuclear weapon.”


4 responses to “Nuclear Iran: A View Rarely Heard on This Continent

  1. Nuclear bombs in the hands of the Republican guards??? Disaster in the making!

  2. Michael Gundy

    Mr Waltz, perhaps a better title could have been, “Whistling past the grave yard?”

  3. Elisabeth Ecker

    I am confused, why is it alright for Pakistan and Israel to have Nuclear weapons and such a problem if Iran, which has not attacked another country for a thousand years, gets Nuclear weapons. Maybe now is the time for everybody to get rid of them.

  4. Nuclear bombs in the hands of U.S. Republicans could be worse.