Why Aren’t Bulgarians Angry?

The Bulgarian business magazine Manager wrote on September 28:

“The Bulgarians have so many reasons to protest that they don’t know where to start. Whether it’s the economy, the crime rate, the judiciary, social affairs, health or education, the problems are so huge and worrying that they have paralysed all society. On the one hand people have lost their patience, on the other they are drowning in self-pity at the fact that the state has sunk so low. Moreover everyone bears individual responsibility for their family, their sick parents and so on….

“And because many families have to fight for their own survival on a daily basis, the day of protest remains a distant prospect and the demonstrations are half-hearted and sporadic.”


2 responses to “Why Aren’t Bulgarians Angry?

  1. Michael Gundy

    There is a rule of thumb that says that a country with a GDP per capita of less than $2,500 cannot afford to revolt. Folks are too busy surviving. Bulgaria has a GDP/C of $7,118, much higher than the Arab Spring crowd. So it must be something else, perhaps a significant under ground economy.

    • Maybe that rule of thumb is subject to inflation. How old is that number?

      OTOH maybe Bulgaria doesn’t have quite as repressive a government as Tunisia and Egypt had, so it’s just depressed, not a tinderbox.