Our Future King or Queen

There is no need to worry about any undesirable characteristics the successor to the throne may inherit from Kate’s family. 10 Downing Street must have scrutinized Kate’s ancestors carefully before allowing William to marry her.

A precedent was set in 1837 by Prime Minister Lord Melbourne when the young Queen Victoria wanted to marry Albert. That Albert was her first cousin did not seem to him to be much of a problem. But the Prime Minister had allegedly been informed that Albert’s father, Grand Duke Ernst of Saxe Coburg, was a hemophiliac. To marry the son of a hemophiliac would have been out of the question.

Louise of Saxe-CoburgNaturally, according to the rumours circulating at the time, Lord Melbourne breathed a deep sigh of relief when he heard that Albert was not his father’s son but the son of a Jew with whom Grand Duchess Louise had had an affair. A Jew was better than a hemophiliac.

Lytton Strachey wrote in 1921: “The ducal court was not noted for the strictness of its morals; the Duke was a man of gallantry, and it was rumoured that the Duchess followed her husband’s example. There were scandals: one of the Court Chamberlains, a charming and cultivated man of Jewish extraction, was talked of; at last there was a separation, followed by a divorce.”

Since then historians have established that for chronological reasons the charming Court Chamberlain cannot have been Albert’s father.

So far we have not heard of any rumours suggesting that the successor to the British throne is not William’s child. But anyone is welcome to start one.


2 responses to “Our Future King or Queen

  1. David Schatzky

    1. If only careful scrutiny of ancestors guaranteed impeccable qualities in descendants!
    2. I’m not going to start a rumour about possible regal inseminators.
    But how about a fantasy list of ideal fathers for Kate M’s little prince(ss) to be?
    – Bill Clinton
    – David Beckham
    – Mark Carney
    – Justin Trudeau
    – David Cameron

  2. David,

    I am shocked and scandalized. This is not the way to speak of the future Sovereign!

    Given the need to occupy young princess for many decades before they take the throne from parents with strong endurance genes, a Canadian Father might be useful to convince Canadian’s a future King would be worthy of an appointment as GG. My “fantasy” vote goes to Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Besides we know they already know each other already.