Words of Encouragement to Our Readers in North Korea

This time the rocket launch will work. It was wise of you to plan it for the 17th of December which, as you know, marks the first anniversary of the death of your great leader, Kim Jong-il. Don’t be intimidated by reports that must have reached you that American warships are being moved into position and that the Japanese government has pledged to shoot down any debris that falls over its territory.

UnicornAfter all, scientists who have been able to confirm the location of the burial site of the unicorn that was ridden by King Dongmyeong, the founding father of the Goguryeo kingdom of (37 BC–660 AD) are certainly capable of an achievement well within your reach.

Sources: BBC and Time Magazine (November 30)


One response to “Words of Encouragement to Our Readers in North Korea

  1. Of course, I am sorry that North Korea is so advanced. But being sorry is pretty meaningless RK