2012 — The Year of the Arab Counter-revolution

From an essay by the French philosopher André Glucksmann, published by the Corriere della Sera, December 19

The bloodshed in Syria is the climax of a general counter-revolution that aims to quell the ongoing struggle for freedom. Damascus is following the example of the Iranian ayatollahs, but the Syrian regime is behaving more cruelly and has secured the diplomatic and military support of Russia and China. The alliance of autocratic powers against the people’s emancipation is advancing….

The Europeans are making the huge mistake of passively standing by and watching the spectacle…. Meanwhile the Kremlin, Beijing and Tehran are spurring Assad on to crush his people’s desire for freedom because they’re afraid their own citizens, their neighbours, the whole planet could be gripped by the same desire….

What will the world order of tomorrow look like? Between the rebellion of the people and the death that falls from the sky, our fate will be decided in Damascus.


2 responses to “2012 — The Year of the Arab Counter-revolution

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    If the rest of the world gets involved it will be a proxy war between the major powers and more people will be killed. The whole situation is very unfortunate, but who examines whether Libya’s situation has improved?

  2. The article is a tad too pessimistic (or optimistic): whatever happens in Syria will not decide our fate. It may symbolic of future challenges, but every place and time is different.