Sydney Newman and Doctor Who

Sydney NewmanThe producer who initiated the creation of Doctor Who for the BBC in 1963 was the Canadian Sydney Newman (1917–1997), head of the National Film Board and CBC producer.

On March 30, Doctor Who returned to American television with a new batch of episodes, its popularity continuing a recent trend of British shows becoming available and successful in the United States.

Dr. Who postage stampThis image, released by the Royal Mail on Wednesday January 3, 2013, shows a postage stamp with an image of the present Dr. Who, Matt Smith. Dr. Who, who usually uses a police box for travel, will be zooming through time and space on the edge of letters in 2013. Britain’s Royal Mail is marking the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the science fiction program, with a series of stamps featuring each of the 11 actors who have played the title role. Those featured include past Time Lords such as David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston and the first doctor, William Hartnell. Picture credit: AP Photo/Royal Mail.

Chris Oates wrote in The Salon on April 3: “Doctor Who is quintessentially British not because it is made in Britain or because it is popular in Britain, but because it reflects the development of the United Kingdom’s place in the world in the past half century. The show continued the youth adventure literature enabled and encouraged by imperialism into a post-imperial time. The Doctor acts as the epitome of how Britons (and perhaps Westerners in general) would like to see themselves and their actions in the world.”


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  1. Fred Langan

    Sydney was a great friend of Desmond Smith’s and I met him at Des’s dinner parties. He was feisty, a bit cranky but charming. Little did he know I would write his obit.