Spanish Nostalgia for General Franco

The Spanish government plans to have the mausoleum where the former Spanish dictator Franco lies buried, the Valle de los Caídos, renovated and put out a bid for tenders worth €300,000 for the project.

La Republica comments on May 28:

“The wind of the Counter-Reformation that is blowing through the ranks of Mariano Rajoy’s Peoples Party could already be felt when the proposal to designate July 18 as the ‘Day of the Condemnation of the Franco Dictatorship’ was rejected. The day of Franco’s coup and the start of the Civil War should, the Socialists had proposed, be made a day of remembrance and of condemnation of all forms of political violence and dictatorship.

“And now, even in a country with empty state coffers, money has been found for the restoration of what half of Spain sees as a desecration of the memory of those who were defeated in the Civil War.”


2 responses to “Spanish Nostalgia for General Franco

  1. Michael Gundy

    How often when the present is difficult, human nature pines for a so called Golden Era when dictators lead forward to national prosperity and prestige.
    Glorifying Franco is a noxious poison endangering the canary of democracy in the political mine.

  2. Will there be a Hitler commemoration next?