Cultural Diversity in the Czech Republic

The parents of the quintuplets recently born in the Czech Republic are increasingly the target of racist attacks – above all on the social networks – because they belong to the Roma minority.

“Whenever the economic situation in the country worsens the hatred directed against Roma grows…. We have become an ethnically cleansed country since the gradual departure of the Jews, the Germans, the Slovaks and their Hungarians….

“Any kind of ‘otherness’ disturbs us. In old Europe, the proportion of foreigners lies at around ten percent and no one cares about their otherness. Tolerance is always an expression of how mature the population of a country is.”

Source: Karel Hvížďala on the blog portal Aktuálně.cz, June 13


One response to “Cultural Diversity in the Czech Republic

  1. Michael Gundy

    I find it interesting that the statistic of 10% is quoted. 10% is a rule of thumb used by social scientists as measure of awareness of another ethnic or cultural group in a society. At this point, differences are exaggerated and schisms begin unless policies of tolerance come into play.