A Common Element in Global Protests

In recent months, people have taken to the streets all over the world – in Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, Rumania and Poland. Legal expert and journalist Claudia Postelnicescu examines what these protest movements have in common on the blog portal Contributors.

What has brought these people onto the streets? The need for new heroes at a time when absolutely anyone can become a global hero overnight – looking at the likes of Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. No matter what we may think of them, they have brought about a turning point in global consciousness….

People don’t want any more information from the government or from submissive media; they seek it out directly on classified websites, they crack information barriers and make everything public. They also communicate among themselves and encourage each other. It’s no coincidence that their protests are similar: they are expressing a globalization of solidarity, all with the help of the social networks.

The message about saving the Transylvanian community of Roșia Montană [from gold mining] has reached almost every corner of the world. A global solidarity has emerged like that in the Lord of the Rings against the Eye of Sauron.

Source: www.contributors.ro/editor


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