Alice Munro Won: Some Did Not

Margaret Atwood
Jorge Luis Borges
Anton Chekov
Leonard Cohen
Joseph Conrad
Sigmund Freud
Mavis Gallant
Graham Greene
Franz Kafka
Vladimir Nakokov
Joyce Carol Oates
Amoz Oz
Marcel Proust
Mordecai Richler
Philip Roth
Leo Tolstoy


3 responses to “Alice Munro Won: Some Did Not

  1. King townsend

    Some who keep Alice company

    Thomas Mann
    Pearl Buck
    Harold Pinter

    Are lists significant? Let us just rejoice that she’s on this one.

  2. David Schatzky

    You and I can take comfort in being part of that mass of humanity who are NOT Nobel prize winners. Everybody belongs, except an infinitesimally tiny group of outsiders, isolated by their grand achievements and their million dollar prizes.

  3. Michael Gundy

    Why did William F. Sharpe and Harry M. Markowitz, get the PRIZE for Economics, 1990 with highly flawed work while the original contributions of Benoit Mandelbroit are unappreciated?