Two Useful Quotes for New Year’s Eve

1. A day that begins with getting out of bed is bound to be a horror.

2. Even a blind hen occasionally lays an egg.

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The second quote is  a perversion of the  German proverb: 
Das blinde Huhn findet auch einmal ein Korn. 
(A blind chicken also occasionally finds a corn).



5 responses to “Two Useful Quotes for New Year’s Eve

  1. Idiosyncratically speaking, the first quote amounts to a New Year’s welcome greeting, the second, a reminder of the human predicament of birth.

  2. and another: A wise word is not a substitute for a piece of herring.
    — Sholem Aleichem

  3. I am told the Russians have New Year toast which goes, “Well, it won’t be as good as the last one, but at least it will be better than the one after”.

  4. I note with interest that the blog software (or one of the ghosts in the machine) classifies as a ‘related’ article to this one, something called ‘Is Militarism All Bad?’. I wonder if that is more closely related to getting out of bed, or to the blind hen…

    • Judging by the photo, the relation to the hen is closer – militarism: showy outfits with plumes: lovely pheasant costumes and fizzy visions: blind hen. I don’t see how this relates to getting out of bed at all.