The Future of Quebec

Peladeau and Marois

Silvio BerlusconiPessimists who predict that Pierre Karl Péladeau (pictured above with Pauline Marois) will one day be the Silvio Berlusconi (pictured at left) of a sovereign Quebec can be reassured by Jeffrey Simpson’s column in The Globe and Mail (March 12). He reports that last week’s CROP online poll taken for Radio Canada tells us that 39 percent of Quebeckers favoured “sovereignty” and 61 percent did not.


3 responses to “The Future of Quebec

  1. Scott Spiegler

    Thanks for posting on this topic. Can you clarify for me, Marois and Peladeau are in the same party, correct? And, it sounded to me like she is supporting him to run, but yet they are rivals. How could this be? I ‘m confused…

    • Yes Scott. Marois recruited Péladeau, a Murdoch-like media baron. They are now in the same separatist party. Some people are speculating that sooner or later the ambitious Péladeau will push her out of his way to the top.

  2. ON CBC radio last night, Gilles Duceppe said Quebec has 40% reliable support for separatism, 40% reliable opposition, and 20% susceptible to persuasion one way or the other.