The Villa of Ukrainian Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych

Yanukovych estateFrom Spiegel Online, March 18

Shortly after he fled Kiev, reporters descended on the lavish mansion of deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, calling the villa everything from a show of “crazy luxury” to a “grotesque monument” to his vanity. It turns out that some of the more opulent detail work at the Mezhzhirya estate was carried out by German companies.

Documents secured at the property by journalists include numerous invoices from German companies. Among the details found in the documents is that a Bavarian firm called Butzbach supplied the door used for a helicopter hanger located on the property. An interior design firm called Brunold Innenausbau und Design apparently provided the “installations in the master and madame’s bedroom on the third floor” to the tune of €4.5 million ($6.25 million).

Another document lists the fittings in the pool room, including “half columns” and a window sill with marble insets.

Despite the generous commission, the firm Brunold has since gone bust. According to the company’s bankruptcy administrator, the value of Brunold’s total work at the villa was in the double-digit millions. The documents can be viewed on the YanukovychLeaks website, which was created with the help of Berlin-based programmers Friedrich Lindenberg and Stefan Wehrmeyer.


2 responses to “The Villa of Ukrainian Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych

  1. Scott Spiegler

    So much for the sharing of wealth in communist governments! This form of government sounds good on paper, but on the ground- the funds don’t generally flow down the economic strata to provide for average folks.

  2. Elisabeth Ecker

    I understand there is also a rather large sum in a bank account in Switzerland. I have not heard any more about it. Does anybody know more about it?