Harper’s Travels

A guest posting by Richard Nielsen

People travel for different reasons. I’m always suspicious of those who take a lot of pictures abroad, I have the feeling they’ve never left home and are just waiting to get back to show people where they’ve been.

Stephen Harper gives me that feeling when he goes to Israel and the Ukraine – the feeling that he’s really counting the votes on the prairies and in Winnipeg of grateful Ukrainians and equally grateful Jews in Toronto and Montreal.

Meanwhile, he neglects the one group that, in terms of national survival, really matters: the Québécois. Harper has fought three elections as Conservative leader, and in each of these, the number of seats he has won in Quebec and the number of votes has declined.In both categories, he is doing worse than any Prime Minister since Robert Borden who, with his imposition of conscription, alienated Quebec for almost a century.

With Harper, the fallout could be worse – his failure to attract meaningful support in Quebec endangers our future. Where has he been that he doesn’t know that to survive Canada must keep the Québécois in and the Americans out?


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