First Signs of Détente from Moscow

Source: Le Figaro, March 25, in EuroTopics

In an interesting signal, Moscow has replied tit for tat to the visa ban and asset freeze decreed by Washington, but has not responded to the same moves on Brussels’ part. The barrage of crisis summits has also overshadowed two timid conciliatory gestures by Russia of the sort desired by Europe: its agreement to allowing OSCE observers into Ukraine, and direct contacts between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart in The Hague.

International mediation or peaceful dialogue between Russia and Ukraine are still a long way off, and for the West it’s certainly too early to start talking with Vladimir Putin. But the crisis he masterminded may well have passed its critical phase.


3 responses to “First Signs of Détente from Moscow

  1. del mackenzie

    Harper and Baird have obviously been in close consultation with Raglan and Cardigan on how to handle the Crimean problem. But their best strategy would be to abandon the crippling sanctions we have imposed that are bringing Putin whimpering to his knees, and instead throw him a big party and get him so stoned he’ll give Crimea back to the Ukrainians. It worked with Kruschev didn’t it?

  2. Michael Gundy

    An interesting statistic and fact: In 1917, Russia comprised only 43% actual Russians, this does not take into account the latter USSR which was even more diluted. Also, the 1936 USSR constitution states that member “countries” can withdraw from the USSR if they “so wish”.

  3. He didn’t do it in a “nice” way but one can’t blame Putin. Ukraine is on his doorstep and unlike the Bay of Pigs, he made it work.