Pierre-Karl Péladeau Comes to Radio-Canada’s Defence

Pierre-Karl Péladeau

Pierre-Karl Péladeau, the former head of Québecor and newly elected MNA for St-Jérôme, has spoken out against the $130 million budget cuts announced by Radio-Canada.

In a letter published Tuesday, Péladeau and fellow Parti Québécois MNA Stéphane Bergeron come to the defence of Radio-Canada and against the recently announced cuts. According to the two, the Government of Canada is missing out on a chance to support the specificity of Quebec.

In the letter, Péladeau states that Radio-Canada plays an important role maintaining and developing Quebec’s cultural industry.

The most recent cuts announced would result in the loss of 657 jobs.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, May 7


5 responses to “Pierre-Karl Péladeau Comes to Radio-Canada’s Defence

  1. David Schatzky

    Peladeau represents the contradictions that can be Quebec. A strong Radio Canada within a sovereign Quebec? Who woulda thunk it?

  2. Will the CEOs of Rogers, Bell and Shaw follow Péladeau’s example and come to the defence of the CBC?

  3. Gerry Janneteau

    I see PQ strategy all over this: if Radio Canada is being cut along with CBC , then once again Quebec is punished for the sins of others, the Conservatives aiming at CBC TV, not necessarily Ici Radio Canada for popular and successful. Therefore independence is the only answer to preserve our cultural institutions, of which SRC is a prime example. If I’m Péladeau, does it matter that I tried to eviscerate Radio-Canada when I was head of Quebecor?

  4. PKP to the rescue…hmm…the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  5. Fred Langan

    What a shameless whore. He spent his entire working life bad mouthing the CBC and Radio Canada to further his own TV network. Hope he enjoys life as a back bencher in provincial Quebec City.