From Matajudíos to Mota de Judíos

Source: Eurotopics and El País, May 28

The small village of Castrillo Matajudíos in the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and Léon on Sunday decided in a referendum to change its name, which means “killer of Jews.” Instead it will revert to its original name, Mota de Judíos (hill of the Jews), which dates back to 1035.

The residents are sending an important signal with the decision, the daily El País writes in praise: “Only a few hours before the residents of the village near Burgos rejected the clearly anti-Semitic name, three people were killed in the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

“The fight against xenophobia begins with small details. What may seem a trifling matter to us is really never unimportant or secondary. This is not about creating national laws banning discrimination against other ethnic groups, religions or cultures. Each individual must do his or her bit. And the 55 eligible voters in this small Castilian village are an excellent example of just that.”


One response to “From Matajudíos to Mota de Judíos

  1. curmudgeon

    mota = hill is interesting. My dictionary suggests it’s a secondary meaning, with mota more often meaning a speck or mote. And according to the Urban Dictionary
    it’s slang for marijuana. 😉