Greece: The Cradle of Democracy

On June 11 last year, the Greek government closed down the state broadcaster, ERT. At the start of May this year, its successor, NERIT, went on air but ERT’s former employees have been broadcasting a protest program via the Internet called ERT Open.

The online paper To Vima praises this initiative:

“The public broadcaster has finally become what it should always have been: a pluralist medium which, on the basis of democracy and social justice, keeps the public up to date on all the current problems….

“This model – the first of its kind worldwide and a direct result of the employees’ struggle – is also the answer to the key question of how state television can become independent of the state. The “stillbirth” of NERIT shows that despite good principles, independence can’t be achieved without the employees. By contrast, self-management offers the best possibilities for independence.”

Observation: there is no information about the source of funding.


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