The World Cup and the Cosmos

In August 1958, a dashing young refugee from the Hungarian Revolution visited the annual Couchiching Conference. He was told this was the way to get to know the essential Canada. He found that it did and, incidentally, that for every world problem discussed, there was one adultery committed among the delegates. (Source: In Praise of Older Women, by Stephen Vizinczey).

Since then, there has been no shrinkage of world problems discussed every summer, but the YMCA (the owner of the beautiful Geneva Park where the conference takes place) has not kept reliable statistics about the other matter.

If you want to understand why you have been so grievously infected by the current cosmic World Cup fever you must register immediately for this summer’s Couchiching Conference. The subject is “The Politics and the Potential of Sport.” You will mingle with jocks and non-jocks whose names you will drop happily, and perhaps profitably, during the months to come.


One response to “The World Cup and the Cosmos

  1. I’ve heart it said that the Couchiching Conference is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and I have always thought it lived up to its reputation. Have I missed an alternative ‘sport’, in all the times I’ve attended?

    I agree that this year’s program should be first-rate, and one need not be a jock, or well-dressed, to enjoy attending.