Wit and Wisdom continued…

I would like to thank the four wise and witty respondents for their invaluable contributions.  At the same time, may I offer two of my own:

There was a young fellow called Climb
Who attempted a lady called Mime
But why, asked the porter,
You can tempt my daughter
But Mime is reserved for the rhyme.


A chap played a good game of  chess
And tempted a girl named Duress
Attempting a lot of  finnesse
And making an enormous mess
Oh, quelle embarras de richesses!


4 responses to “Wit and Wisdom continued…

  1. Dear Eric,
    you should know, not that you don’t, I’m sure, that your blog is so aptly named and designed for the computer generation. It takes others pages to inform or make a point, whereas you cover a panoramic menu of
    subjects in tapas-like doses. Congrats!
    Best regards,
    Jack Kuper

  2. king townsend

    Not even a true limerick and irrelevant to the original remit so with apologies –
    “Sketches” is food for the wretched (like me)
    Who know nothing at all
    About sweet bugger-all
    but whose “knowing” won’t seem so far fetch-ed

  3. (there’s no reply box left in the original post for this challenge!)

    If try try again leaves you spent
    And with lack of success you’re verklempt
    Perhaps you are cursed
    Cause you’ve got it reversed
    It’s temptation that leads to attempt

  4. Re: The Chess Player (Bobby Fish-her?)

    Once he undressed Duress was he under Duress?