End of American Liberalism? Editorial Shake-up at The New Republic

The New Republic

Just after celebrating its 100th anniversary, The New Republic has lost its top two editors, as Frank Foer (on the right in the photo above) and Leon Wieseltier resigned their posts, in the face of pressure from owner Chris Hughes to dramatically revamp the magazine. Gabriel Snyder, formerly of Gawker, Bloomberg and The Atlantic Wire, will be the new editor, as TNR looks to become, in Hughes’s phrase, “a digital media company.” And more changes are on the way: the publication will reportedly be cutting its print frequency from 20 to 10 issues a year, and moving to New York City. This was Foer’s second stint as editor, while Wieseltier had shepherded the magazine’s storied literary section for three decades.

The reaction to the news from journalists and commentators has alternated between shock and outrage. “The entire staff is up in arms,” said one TNR staffer. “I expect most of the senior editors to quit, the entire roster of contributing editors to resign.” He added that mass resignations are being organized at the office.

Source: Tablet Magazine, current issue

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The bloodletting this week at The New Republic – the journal of opinion regarded for a century as the flagship of American liberalism – has been rightly taken to herald the end of a great magazine. With the news that its two top editors, Frank Foer and Leon Wieseltier, resigned, that much of the staff subsequently quit, and that the magazine will halve its yearly output and move its headquarters from Washington to New York, the political and intellectual worlds are thrumming with outrage toward the short-sightedness of the magazine’s new leadership and elegies for an august institution.

Source: David Greenberg in Slate Magazine, December 6


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  1. Maybe now I’ll finally get to read some of their stuff. I haven’t seen a New Republic in years.