Does Washington–Havana Emulate Baghdad–Erbil?

The Iraqi central government in Baghdad has reached an agreement with the Kurdistan regional government in Erbil over future oil exports from the Kurdish region of Iraq.

The Turkish internet paper Radikal comments on December 10:

“All parties stand to benefit…. With this agreement both the Kurds and Baghdad will fill their pockets. In signing the document, the Kurds are not only giving their word that they will share the revenues from oil sales with Baghdad, they are also renewing their alliance with Baghdad.

“That means they’re committing themselves to putting their own dreams of independence on the back burner for the moment. For the US and Iran, which are both opposed to an independent Kurdistan, that is good news. Even Europe can benefit from this situation. If Baghdad and Erbil join forces and cooperate over energy, it can help to cover Europe’s gas demands and reduce its dependency on Russia.”


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