A Late Christmas Card to Get You in the Mood for New Year’s Eve

Source: Thank you, Peter Rehak



6 responses to “A Late Christmas Card to Get You in the Mood for New Year’s Eve

  1. Actually, the source is an acquaintance in the Czech Republic who sent it around in order to remind people of what was. The caption says, “Thanks to Comrade Stalin for a happy childhood.”

  2. Is this meant to be a facsimile of Putin in disguise?

  3. An atheist appropriating a Christian celebration, complete with a pagan holiday bush in the background. Kitsch has been defined as the indiscriminate application of cultural symbols without context. Joe, where are the pink flamingos? The mind boggles!

  4. David Schatzky

    In Seth Rogen’s new movie “The Interview” which triggered outrage and threats from North Korea, Kim Jung-un refers to Stalin. One of the Americans responds, in our country we pronounce that “Stallone”. Most of the movie is that stupid. You probably didn’t need that warning. It’s hard to imagine any other readers of this blog seeking out that film. But many people have. Some considered it a patriotic duty (and sacrifice) to do so. It’s already earned over $15,000,000. And that’s not in cinemas. That’s in online viewings!

  5. In the spirit of thinking we haven’t been cynical enough…..
    I wonder what Kim Jung-un’s cut of the profits is.

    • Speaking of cynical, it has been suggested that Seth Rogen was ultimately behind the hacking of Sony which generated such volumes of publicity for his film.