North Korea May Be Off the Hook — 2015 May Become the Year of the Hacker

Excerpts from Jeffrey Dvorkin’s blog, Now the Details, December 30

…It’s becoming increasingly clear that the leaks and the hacks were not the work of some cyber-hip North Koreans, but more likely an inside job from disgruntled (and soon to be former) employees at Sony.

As Margaret Sullivan, public editor of The New York Times noted, mainstream media organizations, including her own, need to go for higher standards of newsworthiness….

Rupert MurdochIt’s worth recalling that only a few years ago, the media were excoriating Rupert Murdoch for the practices of hacking into private emails that his journalists in the London tabloids engaged in….

Today, as more of these activities become less shocking, I expect we will see more of this in 2015 as news organizations feel the pressure to compete with the blogosphere with the same standards and practices….

We will look back at the misdeeds of the Murdoch empire with nostalgia for a simpler time.


2 responses to “North Korea May Be Off the Hook — 2015 May Become the Year of the Hacker

  1. The creators of The Interview reaped huge publicity for their movie from those leaks and hacks, publicity they couldn’t have otherwise achieved for any amount of money. Could they ultimately be behind the hacks? Just a thought, and not original with me.

  2. Michael Gundy

    So President Obama wades into this debacle and blames the North Koreans with the same certainty that President “Dubya” Bush declared the second Iraq war, based the certainty of Weapons of Mass Destruction.