Israelis Like the Pope More Than Their Chief Rabbi

Source: Ammon Rubinstein, former minister of education, in the Jerusalem Post, quoted by Dow Marmur, January 2

67% of Israelis are against the continued existence of the country’s chief rabbinate. 50% of all Israelis (the highest figure in any non-Christian country) approve of the current leader of the Catholic Church and only 25% disapprove.

Ammon Rubinstein writes:
“This amazing contrast between Israeli public opposition to Orthodox Jewish views and the de facto state of affairs is a significant feature of Israeli society…. There is a substantial majority for a liberal, pluralistic regime in all matters of state and religion.”

Dow Marmur comments:
“…There are individuals who are being refused Jewish status even though they regard themselves as Jews, serve in the army and don’t profess any other religion. As a result [of this and other factors], there is a growing number of Israelis who refuse to have anything to do with the rabbinate…. They go abroad (Cyprus, for example) to register their marriage there (which the State of Israel would recognize) and then have the traditional Jewish ceremony conducted by a non-Orthodox rabbi of their choice rather than submit to the warped bureaucracy, often coupled with offensive insensitivity, of the official rabbinate….”


One response to “Israelis Like the Pope More Than Their Chief Rabbi

  1. The majority of Israelis reportedly don’t like the hard line Rabbis both for personal lifestyle choice and because of the damage caused to Jewish people by the extremes of Orthodox Jewry.
    Israelis know they should not be stigmatised by being linked to Orthodox Jewry any more than Christians should be condemned for the Nazis or the cross burning Ku Klux Klan, or Muslims damned for the actions of the head-hunting followers of ISIS.
    If we look closely will we find this sentiment in Muslim countries and staunchly Christian countries as well?