A Lecture to European Anti-Muslim Crowds

Source: The Guardian, January 6

Things were never stable, nor populations fixed in stone. Europe is after all the appendix of a great and contrasted landmass – it was always meant to be a crossroads. We may be baffled by changes, but there were times when we lived with much more diversity in our midst….

The only time Europeans experienced relative demographic homogeneity – that era of supposed tranquility – was in the wake of Hitler’s and Stalin’s devastations. Such thoughts might not be enough to calm the anti-Muslim crowds. But they could help.


2 responses to “A Lecture to European Anti-Muslim Crowds

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    Maybe there is hope. Just think if all religions could work together. It looks as if somebody is working on it.

  2. Seeing the protests in Dresden leads me to reassert the view that “fear of change” is at its core. It is not “homogeneity” that most of the fearsome are marching for, but a stable future for their culture and its role in the State. (Not to be pushed into minority status.)
    Citizens who “feel” powerless and insecure in their own society, who “feel” economically threatened, tend to lash out at those who are either the symbols or agents of change. {Historical Footnote: Jews were (and are) part of European cultures, but they became prominent agents of change – they brought “foreign” things in – communism, other new thoughts, goods and practices}. Many direct challenges to the Church. The fearsome ones are not driven by evidence/statistics, but how they “feel”.
    Germany, Austria, and many Scandinavian nations today are especially strained because of their demographic challenges.
    How can governments, facing pension liabilities exponentially worse than in North America, reassure its rapidly declining “white and Christian” increasingly “white, secular, and nominally Christian” long-term citizens that their place in society will remain stable? Closing immigration will bankrupt their economies, but how do they attract and integrate the “right” immigrants unless they offer a clear path to citizenship for the primary worker and their families? How do they convince their populations that attracting the “right” immigrants, means a majority are “of colour”, and include many in different clothes and headwear?