Goethe and Islam

Source: Neil MacGregor, Germany: Memory of a Nation, page 150

According to the German scholar Gustav Seibt, Goethe (1749–1832) was a Muslin. Seibt writes:

“The few who still love him and adore him, as I do, do so because they adore him as a person of highly civilized culture, who read books of all times and all languages, was interested in China and Islam and Serbia and much more besides. For our Muslims, of course, he is extremely important because there is a poem in the West-Eastern Divan, a collection of poems inspired by the Persian poet Hefiz, where he confesses that Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet which is enough to become a Muslim. We have a wonderful German Muslim writer Navid Kermani, who is a theologian and a poet, who says ‘Goethe is a Muslim, he is one of us.’”



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