Danish Children Elect Conservatives

Source: Dagbladet Information

Because this year is an election year in Denmark, eighth- and ninth-grade pupils at 300 schools have carried out their own mock elections. The conservative camp scored a clear victory securing around 40 percent of the vote.

These are the new rebels, the left-wing daily Information comments: “The left wing clearly has nothing more to offer our young. With the right-wing liberal Venstre as the undisputed winner, new political colours are dominating the children’s room. The world view of the 1968 generation according to which the youth started off on the left and then gradually – with the purchase of Volvos and villas – moved to the right no longer fits. Today’s younger generation begins where the big postwar generation ended – as precocious conservatives….

“The grandchildren of the 1968 generation stand for the conservative ideals of effectiveness, privatization and traditional roles against which their grandparents rebelled. Even if these were just mock elections and weren’t representative, the results are an expression of an increasingly Protestant ethic and a capitalist spirit.”


2 responses to “Danish Children Elect Conservatives

  1. All that is stated in the quote may be true, although not necessarily so if, assuming the historical ‘pendulum’ rarely, if ever, moves in ideological symmetries, one takes into account other variants of ‘conservatorism’.

  2. I think the researchers suggesting today’s children are precocious conservatives have read too much into this.
    Maybe they should look at what is being offered.
    A left wing `cradle to grave protection’ through enforced taxation. A curtailing of choice in health and education and an overall view that society advances on the broadest front possible.
    Compare that with the `exciting’ vision of the right wing, which promotes individualism and the reward of personal endeavour leading to the big, flash car, the yacht and the mansion.
    In the media and in film, book and television, right wing countries (the US is usually the model) are lauded as champions of the individual and free choice, where hard work and intelligence is rewarded.
    For a young mind it’s no contest. The right wins because it won’t (and the left doesn’t) mention the sorry plight of the vast majority left behind in this race to the top.
    They don’t show the underclass, the downtrodden, the poorly paid who slave at two and three jobs to scrape a living in this utopian society and whose access to things like quality education and health care is highly restricted.
    The Danish schoolchildren made their choice based on only limited information. At least, I hope so.