Mirror, mirror on the (Berlin) wall, who can make the better call?

During her formative days, Merkel became fluent in Russian at school and observed how a totalitarian regime functions.

During his formative days, Putin was learning German in East Germany and watching up close how the West Germans do business in a capitalist society.

Who has learned more during their formative years? Putin. He has learned that in the West leaders must worry about public opinion and, in the East, they need not.


2 responses to “Mirror, mirror on the (Berlin) wall, who can make the better call?

  1. That of course invites a host of tacit questions regarding the reliability of and reliance on ‘public opinion’ and veracity of leadership. In this case, at least, the two leaders can presumably draw upon their mutual capacity to relate linguistically, if not intellectually and ‘(geo)politically’. In view of their recent encounters one can call it a ‘stalling draw’.

  2. There is no contest between the study of a conspiracy obsessed paranoia driven culture and living in one studying German capitalism. Merkel will be able to come to more evidence-based conclusions. However, just how accurately can we expect her to predict Putin? Fear too much is expected of her because she speaks Russian and better understands Russia than most Westerners.