Do Politicians Always Have to Behave Like Politicians?

From The Globe and Mail, February 4, 2015:

“The Liberal Party is ready to ignore ‘gaps’ in Ottawa’s anti-terrorism bill and vote in its favour, while the NDP plans to put up a fight and could still oppose the proposed legislation.

“The two parties were united in opposition to Canada’s combat mission in Iraq last year, but they are heading in different directions in regards to Bill C-51, known as the Anti-Terrorism Act (2015).”

This blog will take no sides in the campaign leading to the Canadian general election in the fall.

But, it might not be able to refrain from wondering out loud why Justin supported Harper’s demands for new powers to fight terrorism when Justin must know that it was not motivated by any genuine wish for better security, but only in the hope of electoral gain.


2 responses to “Do Politicians Always Have to Behave Like Politicians?

  1. Excellent questions. I personally have lost faith in the LIberals over this.

  2. Is Justin Trudeau not expected to do likewise? That is, to follow, first and foremost his own ‘political instincts’, however obscured or veiled they might be?