The Thing Speaks for Itself — It Says Nothing

The authorities are stumped by a tunnel – or is it a chamber? – in the wilderness near the campus of York University in Toronto. They know what it is not – a threat to the Rexall Centre where, next summer during the Pan American games, tennis is to be played. The authorities have found a finished facility containing a rosary and a poppy, among other things.

What is it for?

It is a gift to philosophers. It appears to be totally useless. A work of moral perfection. In the words of the French novelist, André Gide – un acte gratuit, the highest form of human creation.


2 responses to “The Thing Speaks for Itself — It Says Nothing

  1. Whatever that hole may be, it has already served as a vehicle for projection. People see it variously as a terrorist tunnel, a homeless shelter, a spiritual retreat, a student prank. It’s a kind of Rorschach test, which tells us more about the person than the tunnel to nowhere.

  2. Could it perhaps be referred to as an ‘underground’ alternative to public transit?